Eminent Domain Valuation Services

The Eminent Domain Valuation Services are under the direct supervision of N. Richard Boutin, Jr., MAI. His experience and expertise involve general real estate analysis with an emphasis on eminent domain valuation. Specific expertise within the field of eminentdomain include the analysis and valuation of various types of property subject to condemnation proceedings, assistance to legal counsel on independent cases and providing expert witness testimony in valuation matters. Assignments in which participation has been involved include roadway projects for public and private concerns, downtown redevelopment, utility easement valuation and consulting with government agencies regarding right of way acquisition, design and budgeting.

This office is routinely faced with unusual property situations as a result of partial acquisitions by condemning authorities. As a result, this firm has conducted and maintains a variety of studies in an effort to deal with unusual appraisal situations. Examples of the studies include parking studies to determine the value of facilities with reduced parking, access studies with regard to lost or reduced access, residential yard depth studies for homes adjacent to major roadways and studies regarding the impact of natural gas pipelines on adjacent real estate.

N. Richard Boutin, Jr., MAI has completed the Appraisal Institutes Litigation Professional Development Program.